Our offers for the Plastic Card Industry

Punch & Notch Tools

rb-tools manufactures custom made card punching and notching tools for over 30 years, take your profit from our experience. Our worldwide customer satisfaction is what drives us. Thus we constantly improve our tools and develop new, innovative technologies and designs to offer you a state-of-the-art product.

Go to the limit! With our tools you will experience longer tool life and high quality products. rb products excel in longevity and have a durability well above average. This is realised through accurate, high precision manufacturing, assembly and testing process. Thus our tools can be regrinded more often and this will reduce your costs per card.

In need of multiple cavity tools for Polycarbonate, PVC or PET-G or any other plastic compound? You as our customer can choose from a wide range of products of different tools for various materials. If you need any help in picking the optimal tool for your needs, we are more than happy to support you with our expertise. We also offer suitable chip modul- and glue tape punching tools for all common machines. Our range of services for the plastic card industry are completed by hologram stamps. Through our expertise all your tool requirements can be met.

Furthermore, we offer you various services for your punching tools. In our workshops we can regrind, repair and rework your existing rb-tools and also any other third-party tool. Just contact us!

Special Materials & Requests

In addition to punching tools in standard materials, we also offer tools for punching the challenging Polycarbonate. Especially government printing houses and mints are using our punching tools for their high security and long durability polycarbonate products. Furthermore, we offer specially developed tools for derivatives such as ABS, TESLIN®, PET and their derivatives, PLA and their different compositions, as well as compound materials. 

If you have a special environment, for example working in very high humid enviroment, we have a solution: our rust free Advanced Tool. We have the expertise and experience to create and deliver a solution that will meet your demands. Whatever you need, we are here to help you

Special Shapes

Do you have special project for non ISO cards with unusual outer or inner shape and need a special tool for that? Due to our longstanding experience here at rb-tools we can design a special tool which fits all your requirements.
Also cards with special properties, like determined breaking points, notches and/or holes are possible. Find some examples below: multiple keytags card & keytag combinations bookmarks badges luggage tags hanging gift cards custom diecutted shapes

SIM Cards

The following punch and notch tool sets are available: 2FF Mini SIM cards 3FF Micro SIM cards 4FF Nano SIM cards For any asian and european single card punching machine. 
Conform to relevant ISO/ IEC and international telecommunication standards or requirements of your customers, we offer both: SIM punching tools notching tool with interchangeable inserts combination tools with push back function

Services for Punching Tools

We get the best out of your worn out tools: Tool survey, regrind and repair - we always totally disassemble your tool, regrind all inner and outer surfaces for maximum results. Due to our high standards we can significantly prolong the life-expectancy of your tools and ensure top quality cards even after several regrinds. Overhaul and rework as a cost-efficient alternative to a new tool convenient pickup and delivery service All our services are not only available for rb tools, but also for tools from all other manufacturers.

Maintenance and Replacement of Column Frames

The importance of your column frame's condition is mostly underrated. For example, your machine works 4.000 strokes per hour => 8 M strokes per year (1-shift) => 120 M strokes in 5 years (3-shifts) Way of 15 mm per stroke equals a travel distance of 3.600 km in 5 years (3-shifts) Result: Wear-out between the columns and the guide bushing Guide / connection plate can tilt due to the bigger clearance and therefore the punching force will not be transferred parallel onto the punching tool Reduced quality of the punched cards and increased wear and tear of the punching tool. This can cause issues, especially when used with PC tools. We offer a overhaul and replacement for your column frame for any punch machine, so you can achieve best possible card punch quality again.


Measurement Device

For simple, but very precise verification of compliance with the ISO/ IEC 7810 card dimensions, we offer a measuring device: Create reports easily comfortable and wireless connection (computer/ laptop and Microsoft Excel®)
Measurement Kit

Everything you need to measure your column frame in compact sizing.
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